Simple problems and complex solutions

This game spawned from a list of over 20 places in town that my wife and I frequent in town, and the fact that we can never figure out where to go when we don't feel like cooking. It would have probably been enough to make a spreadsheet or a small app to do this (and I'm sure there are hundreds) but making a bunch of models beat the snot out of each other so you know what show you want to watch on Netflix tonight is just so much more cathartic!

This took around 20 hours of development time, total, including concepts, downloads, coding, and testing.

There are currently 12 combatants and 2 arenas, so come back often to pick up new rosters, new arenas, and new features!

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Version 1.2.2 Jan 27, 2018 50 MB
Version 1 Dec 06, 2017

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