Two Planes and an Afternoon

So this was a fun challenge project spawned by a conversation about how to dispose of mice when they're "done testing" in a lab. Apparently they're hazardous waste, so they're disposed of in a blast furnace, or something, which is meant for destroying such things.

A week after this discussion I had a vacation which would put me on a plane from St. Louis to Seattle (ignoring the little prop plane after that) so I figured I had a few hours I would have to burn, and so gave myself a challenge: could I make a simple game in the time it took to fly to and from Seattle?

Turns out I can! For the most part. Main controller on the way there, platforms, hazards, and pooling on the way back. Then one afternoon to put the swarming in (main reason I wanted to do this) and viola, what you see here.

I don't know if I'll continue working on it past this for the time being, as I have other projects lined up, but I definitely have plenty of Meatboy-ish plans for these furry little critters in the future!


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Jul 19, 2017

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